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Specialists in solutions for handling and transporting bulk materials

Screw conveyors

Screw conveyors for transport of bulk materials

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Rotary Valves

Manufactured in cast iron and stainless steel and for use in many industries

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PAM A/S' products and systems are based on many years of experience, where close cooperation with our customers has given us important industry insights that are used to engineer our leading solutions. We have all the necessary core competences internally, ensuring that we can fulfill our mission, that is, meet our customers’ needs related to transport and handling of bulk materials, in areas where quality and high reliability are needed and where the customer needs professional technical sparring.

Selected Products and Solutions

EasyClean Rotary Valves

PAM develops and manufactures rotary valves for a wide range of purposes and industries - including our EasyClean range, suitable for solutions where easy separation and cleaning are required. The EasyClean range also includes screw conveyors.

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EASYCLEAN Screw conveyers in polished stainless steel

We provide screw conveyors that are used in a wide range of industrial areas with different requirements for compliance, material and finish. If we do not have a standard screw conveyor that covers the specific needs, our engineers often participate in a development cooperation with the customer, in order to fulfill all specifics and requirements.

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Screw conveyor system with product distribution and rotary valves

System solutions, where our engineering department, based on our own and third-party products, develops complete customer-specific solutions, is a key part of our business. The transport and product distribution system in the food industry is just one of many delivered solutions.

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