Screw conveyors that can be assembled for complete screw conveyor solutions, and which can easily be adapted to specific needs

PAM develops and manufactures screw conveyors for use in a variety of industries, and with different purposes. In addition to our standard screw conveyors for bulk materials, our product range includes:

  • Lifting screws for vertical or slanted transport
  • Distribution screws for transport and distribution to multiple outlets
  • Dosing screws for emptying a certain volume
  • “Emptying” screws for emptying containers
  • Screw presses for transport and drainage of bulk
  • Screw mixers for mixing different masses in a continuous process or in a batch
  • Cooling/heating screws for transport and cooling, or heating, of a product stream

PAM screw conveyors are supplied in a range of material designs, including standard and stainless steel, and with relevant approvals, such as ATEX.

We can deliver our screw conveyors as single transport segments, but often we design the entire screw conveyor system incl. driveline, i.e. incl. motor and gear.